Designing data

Designing data

Data is something that all of us accumulate at an accelerating pace. But “data” is a superfluous word to describe the digital bits that represent our personal memories, our work and hobbies, and our entertainment. The quantity of those bits, and our relationship to them is changing from trusting the world with it, to wanting to safeguard and preserve it for ourselves and our families. How can the storage of personal data be refined to reflect these changes?

This was the question that drove our partnership with Western Digital – the world’s leader in data storage. We worked with WD to roadmap the future of the products and services that reflect new needs, with a focus on providing a better experience with a more elevated design. This new design approach is representing physically, functionally and metaphorically the ideas in which the brand lives. The point of focus is placed at the center of the product, with a soft waist transition that splits the composition in two halves. With a design split in two parts we are expressing the tension between a personal and tactile object, and the seriousness of quality storage technology.

A personal touch with tactile materiality, vibrant colors, size-optimized and expressive design are all ways in which our design language is meant to amplify our personal connection to data and treat it as something beyond a commodity.

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