Hive view outdoor camera

Hive view outdoor camera

Our five-year partnership with the UK’s leading smart home brand Hive is adding a third product to their home IOT line-up: the new outdoor security camera – Hive View Outdoor. We are excited to launch this new product, especially following the success and awards seen with both the Hive Active Heating thermostat and Hive View camera. Hive View Outdoor is the first outdoor security camera for the company with all of the elegance and intuitiveness of the original Hive View camera.

When connected to other Hive devices, extra layers of smart security can be created using Hive Actions.

Hive is continuing to position itself as a force in the smart home market, thanks to a cohesive line of products designed to work seamlessly together functionally and aesthetically. Through our design collaboration, we aspire to design technology in the home that is accessible, useful, discreet and elegant.

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