Sweet dreems

Sweet dreems

The topic of sleep has been much discussed in recent years. Sleep affects every area of your life – and yet, so many people suffer from a lack of it. We worked with Dreem, a neuro-technology startup based in Paris, to design their new wearable – Dreem –,and help deliver the gift of a good night’s sleep. With features that help you fall asleep faster, get deeper sleep, and wake up refreshed – Dreem promises to be one of most comprehensive sleep solutions available in the market.

The technology Dreem developed after years of research measures brain activity during sleep, and emits subtle sounds to maintain the quality of sleep for as long as possible. With a comfortable fabric-like elastic band, Dreem provides just enough pressure onto the skull while maintaining contact with embedded sensors. The front of the device is a bone-conducting speaker, which emits sounds onto the skull directly, without disturbing a sleeping partner.

Dreem doesn’t utilize Bluetooth or Wi-Fi while it is worn; the data is stored on an internal CPU, and connects to a phone to sync the data once the user is up. Upon going to sleep, the band can be set to play white noise to stimulate sleep; likewise, it can play sounds to wake one up at the right time of the sleep cycle for maximum energy in the morning. The device can also check heart rate and provide a full view of the body’s activity while asleep.

While wearables typically provide valuable information, Dreem is one of the first to proactively improve daily life. The lab-quality technology that Dreem has developed promises to keep your deep sleep lasting as long as possible, giving you the energy you need to live your life to the fullest.

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