OLPC XO Tablet

The XO Tablet is an evolution of all the things we have learned with the original laptop. Developed in collaboration with One Laptop Per Child Association, the OLPC XO Tablet is an educational tool built for children around the world. Its user interface and protective cover were designed simultaneously with the goal to extend the design language established by the original One Laptop Per Child, delivering a cohesive experience that stimulates learning and discovery.


The OLPC brand is where inspiration meets education. We created a lively color palette that co-exists with our XO green and blue as well as a suite of engaging icons that bring the OLPC identity to life. The icons play a large role in the application and on packing as a storytelling element to help explore areas of interest connected to science, the arts, mathematics, literature and language. The packaging is simple yet instructive; helping to educate families on the benefits of the XO Tablet while bringing a sense of exploration and excitement for children and young learners.


The XO user interface and tablet design deliver a unified experience that encourages breakthroughs, while still inspiring wonder in the same way the arrival of the first OLPC laptop did for young thinkers around the world. Organized around “dreams”, the digital interface starts with student’s interests, prompting them to explore areas of interests connected to science, the arts, mathematics, literature and language. To ensure direct access to the robust programming developed for the XO-Learning System, OLPC launched the Dreams Store, a dedicated XO-Learning App store and the first Android App store customized for children. Curated by OLPC, the Dreams Store will provide access to more than 500 educational apps for children of various ages and skill levels. OLPC continues to expand the XO-Learning Systems interface, educational content and activities for new “dreams” such as, XO Banker, XO Entrepreneur, XO Nutritionist, XO DJ and others.


The design intent was to make the XO immediately recognizable as a child's product, but not like a toy: the XO's look and feel is of a high-quality tool for education. Building upon the design and legacy of the original OLPC laptop, the OLPC XO Tablet is a new educational tool created for children around the world. The XO Tablet’s silicone cover protects the tablet through daily use and abuse, and allows children of all ages to easily and naturally interact with the device. It's integrated “finger” loop provides a secure handle of the device in portrait and landscape mode. The powerful 7” Android- based tablet harnesses the power of the touchscreen to engage children with a wide variety of educational software curated by OLPC. More than a simple tablet, a custom user interface and protective cover were designed simultaneously to deliver a cohesive experience, with a few surprises.



  • Spark!

    • Finalist - XO Tablet, 2015
  • IDEA Awards

    • Finalist – Computer Equipment, OLPC XO Tablet, 2014

    • Finalist - OLPC XO Tablet, 2013
  • CES Innovations Awards

    • Tablets, eReaders & Mobile Computing, OLPC XO Tablet, 2013

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