Samsung Anima Terra

'Anima Terra' is a sculptural landscape internally illuminated by LEDs. The latest in a series of laboratory projects, this work was a collaboration with Samsung. Commissioned as part of the inaugural show in the Modern Wing of the Chicago Art Institute, Anima Terra is now part of the museum’s permanent collection. The mutual goal was to create striking works that highlight the beauty, environmental efficiency and magic of LED technology.


Like a living landscape that changes over time, Anima Terra uses LED technology to evoke and celebrate the animating 'inner glow' – both natural and artificial – that is everywhere in the world around us. As a continuation of our experimental lighting work using LEDs, Anima Terra (Latin for living earth, or living landscape), is a sculptural topographic surface made of thin layers of formed metal that are individually and invisibly lit from within, this enables a range of inner lighting expressions inspired by natural phenomena, like the changing light from dawn to dusk.

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